About Cute Dresses

Hey, have we met? Cute Dresses is a female-founded, self-love-driven brand for women who romanticize life, specializing in timeless feminine silhouettes and must-wear trends. We're driven by beautiful design, exceptional quality, and a belief that fashion brands can make a difference.

A Dress for Every Outing

Life is full of special moments, from understated to epic. We have a dress for all of them. Think dreamy bohemian maxis, playful puff-sleeved minis, crisp tailored shirt dresses—and everything in between. From your BFF's wedding to that bucket list getaway, we're your one-stop frock shop.

Style Your Own Story

When is a cute dress more than a cute dress? When wearing it activates main character energy, boosts your confidence, and inspires you. Something magical happens when you put on your favorite dress. Romanticizing life becomes easy...

Crafted With Care

One thing we know for sure? You deserve the best. Our dresses are beautifully handmade using the finest natural fibers, like luxe linen and ultra-soft cotton. We scrutinize construction, hyper-focus on fit, and work closely with trusted partners to ensure pristine quality.

Fashion for the Future

As a conscious fashion brand, we feel a responsibility to the planet (and everyone who lives here). From eco-friendly fibers to recycled packing materials, we're constantly refining our process to be more sustainable and transparent. We're also committed to supporting worthy causes as we grow.

Meet Our Founder

In 1992, a young girl growing up in a small town in India caught a glimpse of fashion shows being broadcasted on local TV. Nikita Dhillon couldn't take her eyes off the flowing fabrics. She sketched the looks that inspired her, from the catwalk to the Miss India beauty pageant, and brought them to a local tailor. At the time, it was more cost-effective to have them recreated than to buy ready-made clothing.

This custom clothing ritual became a natural segway into a passion for design. At age 17, Niki announced to her father that she would become a fashion designer. He rejected the idea, warning that such a career would land her the title of "high-class tailor" and nothing more. At this time and place, young women couldn't simply forge ahead without approval, so Niki felt forced to lock her dream away.

Financial strains were also looming, and Niki knew she needed to achieve success in her career or face the reality of being married off at 21 years old. She decided to quit college and enlisted as a flight attendant after staying in Mumbai for two years. This proved to be a successful move as she evolved into the provider for her household.

After joining an International Airline, Niki began traveling the world. A familiar spark was lit as she witnessed global fashion trends. She used layovers to explore retailers from the cobblestone alleys of Brussels to the lavish Champs-Elysees—not forgetting the exquisite craftsmanship of countries like Thailand and India. From the individual style of people on the street to unique looks in boutique windows, she was reminded that her dream of designing was still very much alive.

But could a girl from a small town in India pursue this dream of fashion design? Niki decided the answer was "yes". And it may have been this upbringing of appreciating things until they fell apart (shoes were worn until holes appeared), mending clothes until they could no longer be mended (her mother undid her skirt hems as she grew taller), and hand-me-downs from older siblings that helped her grasp the importance of clothing.

After all, the single new dress Niki received annually, from age 9 through 12, was proof to her mother that she had a different eye for fashion than most children her age. The tradition of selecting a new frock for Diwali meant scouring for a specific color, design, and comfortable fabric, while her peers were less discerning. This ritual was important to Niki—and while she knew she was choosing a "cute dress", it was so much more than that.

Fast forward 25 years later, and Niki's desire to launch her own brand of "cute dresses" was reignited by supportive conversations with her partner. This encouragement turned into action, and the Cute Dresses brand was created, giving life to a dream that had been long buried.

Niki knows she won't be the last young woman to tuck away her dreams in favor of security and supporting her family. She wants her story to spread far and wide, giving hope to every young girl, from those in the small villages of developing nations to the fast-paced metropolises around the world. The message? Don't let your dream die. It's always possible, no matter who says otherwise.

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