Responsibility & Initiatives

As you may have guessed, we really love dresses. Unfortunately, fashion inherently = consumption. It's more crucial than ever for conscious brands to strive toward eco-friendly practices. Through thoughtful curation, earth-minded initiatives, and charitable programs, we're constantly evolving our sustainability strategy. Read on for some of the ways we're balancing our impact on the environment and lending a hand to global communities.

Looks That Last (and Last)

Let's be honest. We've all made a novelty purchase based on a passing trend, only to discard or donate the piece soon after. Versatile, timeless silhouettes—which we specialize in offering—increase the lifespan in the customer's closet, reducing the amount of clothing discarded. In the same vein, our small batch limited-edition collections ensure we're producing and selling only what our customer loves in order to avoid excess inventory.

To celebrate our launch, each dress also comes with a limited edition reusable tote bag, so you can accessorize your always-on-trend dress with a functional finishing touch.

Partners and Production

Our dresses are designed in the USA and constructed under certified fairtrade working conditions in Bali, Indonesia. We hold production partners to sky-high standards and ensure that we can answer the question, "who made this dress?" at every level of the supply chain. All stages of production involve hand work. We skip the large, energy-sucking machinery used by fast fashion brands. Close attention is paid to the environmental and social impacts of production—and we're always looking for ways to do better.

The Whole Package

According to the UNEP, 5 trillion+ plastic bags are used worldwide annually (yikes). We've tested a number of solutions, including cassava plant and starch-based biodegradable bags. We're currently phasing in a 100% recycled LDPE bag (though orders placed during this transition may arrive in the starch-based bags). All orders are enclosed in 100% recycled Kraft mailers.

When it comes to sustainability, details matter. Our inserts and hangtags are made with post-consumer recycled materials. Our garment hangtag string is made from organic pandan plant, a natural biodegradable fiber. Even our shipping labels and packing tape are composed of recycled material.

We strategically pack dresses into a slim profile to reduce transportation and storage space, fuel consumption, and CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions. Our high product-to-package ratio consumes fewer resources and reduces total waste.

Giving Back Globally

Apart from outfitting you in the cutest dresses possible, one of our key goals as a company is to contribute to something bigger than our brand. We'd like our presence to leave a positive impact, which is why we give back to incredible organizations like One Tree Planted and Women's Earth Alliance.

One Tree Planted supports global reforestation efforts where they are needed most by planting a tree for every dollar donated. Reforestation helps enhance food security and increases climate change resilience, among other important benefits.

What's Next?

Our roadmap toward increased sustainability is constantly evolving. We're tracking toward publishing transparent reports for different aspects of our production process, zero carbon emissions, and more. Sustainability isn't linear, especially in fashion. We're always learning as a company and excited to share that process with you. Check back for the latest on our journey toward a more eco-focused future.

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